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Cage Systems

In recent years, there has been an impressive improvement in poultry husbandry. As a result of this improvement, disease control, nutrition, genetics of layers and broilers and egg quality have outstandingly changed. Nowadays, the vast majority of the world’s populations of laying hens are housed in cages and to get better egg production from them, layer poultry need specific and proper care and management. Food and housing are two essential factors of successful poultry farming business. It’s apparent that every system has its own advantages in relation to animal health, welfare and performance. The cage system of housing laying hens is the most economical and decreases sanitary problems. Ipak Yoli Arian, active in the field of poultry equipment acts as the Sole Agent of Hellmann Company in Iran. Hellmann Poultry, located in Germany, was found in 1968 by Dipl.-Ing. Willi Hellmann and has gained successful market position by ongoing development of its products. Our recommendation to you is Hellmann cages which is among the best in the world.